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Starcamp Winner from Kinsale on TodayFM!
Posted by Kinsale Advertiser on 23 August 2017

This summer, over 15,000 children across Ireland attended Starcamp, Ireland’s No. 1 Performing Arts camp. To celebrate STARCAMP’s 10th anniversary, they teamed up with TodayFM to find Ireland’s newest little radio reporters.
Patrick Dyer, 9, who attended STARCAMP in Kinsale this summer, was one of the lucky children chosen. He travelled to Dublin during the week to report on his local news, which will be broadcast on TodayFM this coming Friday, 25th August. Hopefully Patrick will have had a chance to give his mum and dad’s businesses, Eileen’s Beauty Salon and Footloose Kinsale, a good plug during his news report!
STARCAMP is aimed at children aged 4 to 12 years. Along with news & weather reporting,  children are encouraged to use their imaginations, their voices and their bodies for a mind blowing array of activities, dance, act, arts & crafts, games, superhero masterclasses and so much more – all while they grow in confidence.
For further information, check out our website WWW.STARCAMP.IE
Congratulations and well done to Patrick, what a great experience!

Pictured at the TodayFM studios this week is STARCAMPER Patrick Dyer.