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Kinsale Heritage Under Siege
Posted by Kinsale Advertiser on Monday 22 August 2016

There is growing concern in the Clontead and Kinsale Parishes at the current condition of the historic signage to mark the Battle of Kinsale in the area.
Erected in the ‘60s, the signs have been left to deteriorate, have been vandalised and, in the case of two of the markers at Ballyregan and Coolcurran, the large metal based signs have gone missing.
Indeed the sign at Coolcurran was stolen a number of years ago, but was later recovered. However, the historical marker has now gone missing again.
Numbering seven in total, the signs located in Clontead Parish at Ballinavarid Cross, Coolcurran, Ballintubber Woods, Brown’s Mills and Clontead Cross, may simply disappear for future generations.
Reacting to the issue, Cllr Alan Coleman has promised to raise the concerns with Cork County Council, who are responsible for the upkeep of the signs.