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Gemma Whelan, 5th Year Student from Kinsale, to Champion Ireland at Inaugural World Deaf Youth Games in Brazil
Posted by Kinsale Advertiser on Wednesday 13 December 2023

Gemma Whelan, a distinguished 5th Year student at Kinsale Community School, has earned the prestigious opportunity to represent Ireland at the highly anticipated inaugural World Deaf Youth Games in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This remarkable achievement follows Gemma's exceptional prowess in swimming, securing her a place in nine competitive swimming events at this global sporting event.
Departing for Brazil on January 11th, Gemma will proudly hoist Ireland's flag at the World Deaf Youth Games. Her journey is a testament to unwavering determination, commitment, and an unparalleled passion for swimming, honed through dedicated training at the renowned Dolphin Swimming Club. Gemma's representation in nine events showcases her exceptional talent and unwavering dedication to her sport, emphasising the pinnacle of success achievable through resolute commitment and fervor.
The entire school community at Kinsale Community School stands in solidarity behind Gemma, extending heartfelt support and best wishes as she embarks on this extraordinary journey. Anticipation abounds as we await news of Gemma's triumphs in Brazil, extending our utmost encouragement and luck for her endeavors.
"We are immensely proud of Gemma's outstanding accomplishment," said Fergal McCarthy, Principal at Kinsale Community School. "Her representation is a testament to her exceptional dedication and commitment, inspiring us all to reach for the highest peaks”.
Let's come together in celebration of Gemma's remarkable achievement and extend our warmest regards as she proudly represents Ireland at the 1st World Deaf Youth Games in Brazil. Go, Gemma! Our cheers and support accompany every stroke of your journey!