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Beneath My Feet
Posted by Kinsale Advertiser on Tuesday 3 April 2018


BENEATH MY FEET created by Fiona McGeown and Thomas Conway, is a multi layered performance, using audio technologies designed by Cormac O’Connor, plus a live original score by composer and fiddle player Claudia Schwab. From the setting of St Multose Church, Kinsale, three actors take you on a sensory journey through stories, accounts and myths and onto the battlefield itself. 417 years after one of the most poignant and divisive battles in Ireland’s history, Painted Bird ask, how do we commemorate the Battle in Kinsale and what would it be like to walk in the footsteps of those who fought and died?
Award winning theatre company, Painted Bird, are premiering this brand new site specific performance BENEATH MY FEET in St Multose Church, Kinsale this April 12th to 15th. Supported by Cork County Council, the project has been developed over this past year in collaboration with the local community, including members of the Kinsale Historical Society, plus various local and national artists and musicians.

Headphones are provided and worn throughout the performance. Contains loud and sudden noises. Tickets are available at and Collins Pharmacy, Market St, Kinsale.

Is it enough to commemorate the dead by carving out names in stone, or should we go into an arena and shout them out loud. [Hillary Mantel]