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'Smart Tips for SMEs' to be launched next week!
Posted by Kinsale Advertiser on Monday 8 November 2021

Smart Tips for SMEs is a deep-dive in to the SME (Small-medium sized Enterprises) sector in Ireland, with case studies and contributions from thought leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners.  The book provides insight into the SME sector - the most important part of the Irish economy.  It is the first of in depth book review and study into the Irish SME sector with some interesting data. Whether starting your journey as an SME, or seeking to re-establish your existing brand, this book is for you.  “Academics, historians, economists, sociologists, current affairs writers, policy makers, companies, students, SMEs and individuals will all find fascinating insights in this book.  It is a really important piece of literature with evidence-based solutions for the next generation of entrepreneurs.” Jim Daly
Written by Economist Jim Power & Accountant Cormac Fitzgerald the book will be on sale in Waterstone’s Cork next week and in independent bookshops nationally from next week.
Some key stats and data :
• SMEs accounted for 99.73% of businesses in Ireland in 2019
• The average number of jobs in an SME is 4.25
• A business employing less than 250 people is officially categorised as an SME