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Tribute to Neilus O'Regan - by Dermot Collins:
Posted by Kinsale Advertiser on 11 January 2016

A specially convened executive meeting of Kinsale GAA club was held on Saturday evening to pass a vote of sympathy to Phil O'Regan, Mairéad, Rosaleen, Chris and the O'Regan family on the death of Neilus.Various heartfelt tributes were paid to Neilus on his extraordinary contributions to the Kinsale Club. Down through the years he has consistently promoted Gaelic games in a forceful and positive manner for over 60 years. During this period he has served with distinction as honorary secretary of this club for 30 years. He also committed himself totally as a football selector in the 1950s and 1960s and played a leading role in the success of our junior footballers at that time -winning numerous divisional titles in both championship and league, also contesting quarter and county semi-finals. He willingly and enthusiastically took on the role of manager of our junior hurling team in the 1970s and 80s, was chiefly responsible for our victories in hurling after a lapse of over 40 years.
He was the club's delegate to the south-east board in the 1950s & 1960s, he was also honorary treasurer of the board for a short period. He represented the south east division on the county board and was a county minor hurling selector in the1950s. Neilus also served as a selector on the Carrigdhoun senior hurling and football teams.
He and the late Tossie Madden were the main driving force and chiefly responsible for the purchase of our pitch at Bandon road. As the long standing club secretary he played a pivotal role in managing the day to day affairs and guiding the club forward particularly during the difficult period in 1950s when emigration was rife.
He was a man that never sought the limelight or pursued higher office within the association. His main interest, energy, enthusiasm and endeavours over the years was totally and unselfishly given to his club.
He was also chairman of the club for a short spell. He was our long serving President and Trustee of our club up to the time of his passing. His counsel when sought was wise and progressive, he also had the capacity and gift to be able to relate and listen to the views and concerns of the younger members of the club.
He was always committed to Kinsale, it's people and the community at large. His ability, honesty and trustworthiness was recognised when he was asked by the Carmelite Prior to lead and chair a fund raising committee to raise money to repair and upgrade the church and friary in the 1980s.
In 2000/1 he was elected chairman of the first finance committee in Kinsale Parish, the task at hand was to raise €1.7m for a total refurbishment of St .John the Baptist Church.
Neilus was also a Kinsale Town Councillor for a short period, was an active committee member of Kinsale Temperance Hall in the 2000s. He was an able organiser, highly respected, honourable and generous to worthy and deserving causes.
He was a good friend to many people.
May he rest in peace.